Terms of Service

Before beginning any work for a Client Search East will confirm in writing their understanding of the project to be undertaken and ensure agreement of this understanding with the Client before starting the research.

It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that details of any previous research have been conveyed to Search East to avoid any research being inadvertently repeated.

Search East will not exceed the time initially commissioned by the Client without prior agreement. If the research takes less time than anticipated the cost will be reduced accordingly.

Search East undertakes to report the findings of the research with detailed sources of the information obtained. Although a fully comprehensive search will be undertaken on your behalf, it must be recognised that in some cases the historical sources are inadequate, or have been lost or destroyed. Where research is not successful information will be given as to the avenues that have been explored.

Paid time includes research, analysis and reporting time and time spent communicating with the Client by telephone and email.

Document copies

Documents are supplied at cost price. Where copies of documents are required and a definite cost of these cannot be determined upfront, the cost will be deducted from the amount paid and the amount of research reduced pro rata accordingly.

Accreditation and reassurance

As a member of APG and with AGRA Associateship pending Search East agrees to abide by the Codes of Practice and Ethics of both organisations.

Search East reserves the right to decline cases where it is considered the likelihood of success to be low for example if the only information were to be a starting point of “her name was Mary or Jane Smith and she was born in Norfolk or Suffolk about 1895”.

All research commissioned to Search East will be conducted by Christine Bartram M.A., with the exception of research that requires particular specialist input. In the event of such circumstances the use of a third party specialist would be notified to and agreed with the Client ahead of the research. The Client’s details would not be shared with a third party without prior consent. Please see the Privacy Policy for more information.

The relevant United Kingdom law will apply to these Terms and Conditions and the relevant courts of the United Kingdom will have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to the Terms and Conditions.



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Personal Information

Any personal information supplied to Search East such as your address, email address and telephone number will be used solely for the purposes of conducting research on your behalf, communicating with you regarding your research and for the purposes of Search East’s record keeping.

Search East is registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) as a data controller under the Data Protection Act 1998 (Registration Number ZA214969).

Sharing Information

In the event of the need to refer research to a specialist in a particular area this would be agreed with the Client ahead of any contact details being released to the third party.

Commissioned research will never be published or shared with third parties without the written permission of the Client.